FirstString Research

FirstString Research was founded on a vision to deliver clinically relevant and effective solutions for the treatment of diseases based upon insights and understanding from the molecular and cellular contexts that define the underlying pathology.

Our approach: We are dedicated to delivering breakthrough solutions for inflammation and injury based medical conditions through a better understanding of the molecular and cellular contexts that define the underlying pathology. Our focus is on diseases associated with dysregulation of inflammatory processes and modulation of injury response, such as in cutaneous radiation injury, radiation dermatitis, and wounds. Inflammation is an inevitable and potentially harmful response to tissue damage or trauma and understanding the molecular basis underlying the body’s systemic inflammatory response within the context of the injury offers significant therapeutic opportunity. For example, in radiation-based injury, there is no visible injury on the skin surface for a few days after exposure. However, the underlying damage spreads via extracellular communicating channels and manifests itself in the form of radiation dermatitis or radiation burn. Our technology works to mitigate the spread of injury signal and limit the inflammatory response, thereby creating an environment for reduced skin damage and faster healing.   Our approach effectively “reboots” the normal injury response mechanisms and serves to reduce the spread of injury signals, mitigate excessive inflammatory response, accelerate re-epithelialization, promote normal healing and prevent long-term complications. Additionally, identifying therapeutics that specifically target key pathways involved in cellular stress responses and exert immune-modulatory effects offer opportunity in the treatment of multiple diseases defined by chronic immune-mediated inflammation. Our clinical development strategies are based upon insights from biological context resulting in the validation of therapeutic potential for novel indications with earlier RoI prospects.