FirstString Research Identifies and Targets the Appropriate Biological Context for Addressing Inflammation-based Medical Conditions


FirstString Research is an innovative biopharmaceutical company dedicated to discovering breakthrough therapies for inflammation-based medical conditions. We are focused on developing and bringing to the market new therapeutic products that enable physicians to treat unmet medical needs. Our therapeutic approach aims at addressing the disorders by focusing on mitigating excessive inflammation, calming the inflamed tissue, and rebooting the body’s normal injury response mechanism to allow the healing process to become engaged. FirstString Research’s management team has a proven track record of building and leading companies in the research, biotechnology, and biopharmaceutical sectors and brings decades of experience in drug discovery and development. Their scientific excellence and range of expertise, in the drug discovery and development process, has resulted in several FDA approved breakthrough therapies in oncology and inflammation-based disorders.

  • Experienced management team with leading scientific and clinical advisors providing key insights for development
  • Highly promising portfolio of patented proprietary targeted therapies for unmet medical needs representing significant markets and the potential for sustainable value creation and investor returns
  • Our clinical development strategies exploit insights from biological context thereby enhancing the probabilities of success for selected indications with earlier RoI prospects
  • Our corporate development strategy is to systematically enhance our pipeline for dynamic and sustainable growth in market penetration and shareholder value creation